MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 8 (Download)

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Purchase Options: MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 8

tart producing music with Samplitude Music Studio today! This beginner-friendly audio software includes creative functions that enable you to easily compose, record, mix, and master your songs. Create and edit even complex song arrangements using innovative tools. Music Studio enables you to produce finished songs in a few clicks.

Make the most of essential features from our professional DAWs. Among other new features, Music Studio includes EQ116, wizardFX Suite, coreFX Delay, advanced routing and an expanded dialog for copying tracks. Start your next production with a full set of professional tools.

NEW! Features of Samplitude Music Studio 8 include:

More Professional Tools

The all-new Samplitude Music Studio X8 is out now and comes fully packed with professional features from Samplitude Pro X and Sequoia Pro that are guaranteed to take your productions to the next level. Plus, the new version now runs on the same, powerful audio engine used in our two premium DAWs. Experience impressive performance and stability, even on basic hardware setups.

Professional Equalizer from Sequoia Pro – EQ116
Discover a powerful 6-band EQ – perfect for precisely shaping your sound. EQ116 includes an oversampling option to deliver significantly better sound quality. The integrated analyzer provides an overview of your entire frequency spectrum and gives you absolute control of your sound.

AUX Routing from Samplitude Pro X

You can now use the same professional audio routing as Samplitude Pro: Set AUX sends to Direct Out, Pre-Fader or Post-Fader. Pre-Fader creates separate monitor mixes, while Post-Fader takes the signal after the volume control. Perfect your sound with Samplitude Music Studio X8.

coreFX Delay

From subtle to wild and clean to dub echo: Simulate both vintage and modern echo devices with coreFX Delay. Choose from a wide range of control parameters and presets to create subtle slapback delay or large room reverb.

Improved Track Copy Function
The practical function for a lightning-fast workflow in Samplitude Pro X. This tool allows you to seamlessly transfer tracks between projects while retaining all the effects, automations, plug-ins and other track properties you want.

Optimized MIDI Object Delay
More prominent note blocks and a clearer color design allow for better orientation in your project and let you keep track of everything. You can now concentrate 100% on composing with your MIDI instruments and let your creativity run free.

wizardFX Suite

Whether for last-minute changes or totally unexpected sounds, wizardFX speeds up any mix and offers endless inspiration for your songs. With its one-knob concept and numerous presets, you can achieve your audio goal in no time at all. Simply select, listen and get started. Applying professional effects has never been this easy.

One end calms the wild ups and downs of danceable sounds, while the other holds pulsing levels in check and smooths dynamic waves with a steady hand. wizardFX Dynamics are both yin and yang, working with naturally impulsive spikes and equalize different volume levels in accordance with the required sound.

wizardFX Modern VolumeFormer
For pads that rise and fall rhythmically and basses that pulsate to the beat of the kick drum – wizardFX VolumeFormer. Ideal for enabling gating and sidechaining without any complicated routing.

wizardFx Compressor
The wizardFX Compressor is designed to keep the dynamics of your audio in check without losing control. It adjusts loud and quiet passages and adds more punch to rhythm instruments.

wizardFX Limiter
In order to limit excessive level peaks, the wizardFX Limiter cuts off the peaks of an audio signal almost inaudibly and losslessly to help achieve more loudness. This makes it ideal for mastering purposes in the last position in the signal chain.

wizardFX Gate
Reduce noise and ensure clear signals with wizardFX Gate. This helps to keep noise at bay during vocal recordings and reduce cross-talk when recording with several microphones. It's also perfect for creative stutter effects.

wizardFX Tape Machine
Subtle variations in pitch give tape recordings their nostalgic charm. Additionally, tape saturation produces more overtones in louder signals, adding that extra drive.

wizardFX Bitcrusher
Looking for that authentic lo-fi sound? By reducing the bandwidth of the audio to lower sample and bit rates (e.g. 22 kHz and 8-bit), the wizardFX Bitcrusher is able to create distortion ranging from vibrant to aggressive.

wizardFX Distortion
Tubes don't just become warm: they create warm sounds too, as a result of harmonious clipping. These FX bring the sound of analog tube amps to the digital world. Ideal for enhancing different instruments and vocals.

wizardFX Modern Reverb
Stay with the flow and instantly find the essential reverb settings – it's easier than ever before with wizardFX Modern Reverb, which transforms your sound with lifelike space and atmosphere.

wizardFX Delay
The world's most uncomplicated delay provides the flavors of space and time for any track. Thanks to practical presets, classic and creative echoes are ready at the click of a mouse when you need to speed up your mix.

wizardFX Chorus
wizardFX Chorus offers increased depth in your sound – all without any presets. The included textures provide width, depth and inspiration for each track.

wizardFX Flanger
If a modulated, delayed signal is added to the original input signal, it will create meandering oscillations. Enhances melodies for haunting solos and dry harmony to moving canvases.

Choose from tons of different styles and hundreds of richly produced samples. Use drag & drop to combine urban and exotic sounds any way you like to create new rhythms, new melodies, and new songs.

And Much, Much More!

BONUS! Purchase Option Add the Artiphon Orba 2 Portable Electronic Multi-Instrument for Only $125 - Regularly $139.95


Tap into your creativity and let your imagination run wild with Orba 2 by Artiphon. Play and record songs in the palm of your hand, all on this portable instrument that is always on the beat and always in tune. Orba 2 removes the intimidation of playing a new instrument making it easy for anyone to create songs, and focusing on the fun sides of music expression, play, and having fun!

Orba 2 features a brand new sound engine that includes sampled audio recordings. This means you can now play instruments like electric guitars and upright pianos, as well as more adventurous sounds like vocals, found sounds, and custom artist songs. Imagine conducting an orchestra in the park with no strings attached and no screens required.

NEW! Features of Orba 2 include:

  • New sound engine that supports sample playback
  • New Orba app that allows for capturing or importing samples
  • Dozens of new Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead sounds
  • Automatic, per-part quantization with Orba Groove option
  • 128 bar songs (3 - 5 minute creations)
  • Improved ceramic-like playing surface
  • Larger and more legible text on playing surface
  • 2 GB of factory sample memory
  • 2 GB of user sample memory
  • Higher quality 24-bit converter and speaker amp
  • Higher quality headphone out

Software System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 or 11
  • Processor: Dual core processor with 1.5 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB (64-bit)
  • Graphics Card: Onboard, minimum resolution 1280 x 768
  • Sound Card: Sound card: Onboard (ASIO compatible sound card recommended)
  • Hard Drive Space: 2 GB for program installation (10 GB recommended)

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