Depending on the type of training organization you fall into, Autodesk has the right solution for you.

Become an ATC or MTP!

Join the Autodesk learning community and achieve better outcomes while delivering quality learning experiences to students, educators, and customers who want to build expertise or earn certifications.

Colleges or Universities can become an ATC

Enable learners to adapt in an ever-changing world

If you are a qualified college or university you can become an Autodesk Authorized Training Center.

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For qualified Union, Non-Union and Merit-Shop training organizations that serve the construction industry

Make your new possible

The Autodesk Member Training Provider Program (MTP) aims to support Membership Organizations in their efforts to train, test, and certify their members.

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Reduce Recidivism

“This program ensures offenders have the job skills they need to stay on a positive path toward employment when they are released,” said CDCR Secretary and Prison Industry Board Chair, Jeff Beard.

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