Academic Estore Network

Join our academic Estore network.

ThinkEDU has a network work of over 1,000 online stores. Modeled after our main store, our stores feature software and technology items that qualified students and educators can purchase at academic discounts.

It's all about partnerships

Partnerships make up the heart of ThinkEDU. We operate Academic eStores for large bookstore chains and independent bookstores. We also manage online store for large academic consortiums and small colleges or schools. Contact ThinkEDU to help you with your eCommerce goals in reaching this market sector.

Barnes & Noble College

MBS Textbooks

Follett Higher Education Group

Independent College Bookstores

Foundation of California Community Colleges

How to join our academic Estore network

The first step only takes a few minutes.

Customized eStore

ThinkEDU will provide a “sourced/customized” link that once clicked will direct your customers to “your” online technology store. We will also provide free promotional materials to you to make it easy to communicate the great offers in our software shop, including online banners, brochures or flyers for box stuffers, PDF’s, email templates, parent letters, etc.

We handle everything: ThinkEDU will be responsible for everything including: maintenance of your online store, order fulfillment, all customer service, logistics, inventory (and risk), procurement, product merchandising, reporting and academic verification.


To compete and grow in today’s omni-channel retail environment, small and midsize business (SMB) suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors must integrate and accelerate transactions across key order channels and trading partner relationships—while cutting operating costs at the same time.

The ThinkEDU Trading Partner Platform delivers those capabilities through simple, adaptable, and cost-effective solutions that harness the power of our trading partner network to connect you to your greatest opportunities. From the factory to the warehouse to the distributor to the retailer, ThinkEDU helps your business achieve new levels of connectivity, performance, and customer satisfaction delivering the great lines that ThinkEDU serves to the academic community

Affiliate Store

We like your enthusiasm! You can join our affiliate program and earn $'s for ever sale that is referred from your link, post or banner-ad that you post.

Getting started is very easy. Just click here to register. It only takes a few minutes. After you register, our Affiliate partner ShareAsale will process your application and send you an email letting you know that you are good to go. From there you can select image and text links to use on your page.

Reach out to learn more.

A thinkEDU team member will be in touch within one business day.