Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Everybody knows a student or the parents of a student. You can make easy money by referring people to Chances are you have a Facebook Page or Twitter account, or both!! If you have your own Website, even better. Post something about us (we can help with that!), and link to us using a special link (we will provide you this) that tells us that the person came from your link. Whenever a person clicks from your links come to and places an order that ships, YOU GET PAID!! That's right Ricky (we call everybody Ricky), you will get 3% of every shipped sale placed with us.

Hey this is easy. There are thousands of students at my school. They all need software and computer accessories. I can probably make a lot of extra cash by getting them to order from thinkEDU right?

Now your'e thinking Ricky!! And we can help you. For example, you can print out a Flyer that we created, drop in your Facebook or Web address in the space provided and handout and post these all over campus. Are you a member of a club (chess club, debate team, fraternity or sorority, etc.), tell you fellow members about us and make sure they use your link!

This is a no brainer. ThinkEDU offers a great service to students and educators and I already tell people about you. I might as well make some cash. How can I get started?That's the spirit Ricky!Getting started is very easy. Justclick hereto register.

It only takes a few minutes. After you register, our Affiliate partner ShareaSale will process your application and send you an email letting you know that you are good to go. From there you can select image and text links to use on your page.

On the application, it is asking for my Web address. I don't have a Website, but I do have a Facebook Page. What do I put down as my Website address?

If you have a Facebook Page or Twitter account, you can put this address as your Website. If you don't know your page address, just go to your Facebook or Twitter Page and copy the URL that appears in your browser.

Anything else?

That's about it Ricky. Maybe call your mom and and say hello!! She'll like that and so will we.

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